Do Not Disturb

Once again I write, and once again many things have happened. My Son has qualified as an engineering turner, moved in to his own house and is going to give me the honour of becoming a granddad! (How old does that make me feel?!!)

My daughter had completed her first year at University with a first in psychology!  I also had the fun experience of breaking down on the A1, coming back from Leeds. I had been to pick my daughter up from university and was about seven miles from home when I suddenly lost all power. Immediately I thought ‘cam belt’ and I wasn’t wrong. Being towed home on a solid bar set-up was not my idea of fun but it did the job. An expense I could have done without but, hey ho, these things happen.

The biggest change to my personal life is that I am now single. It’s interesting how priorities change when someone decides they don’t want to be a part of your life anymore. My children have been far more supportive than I could have imagined, and there’s me thinking I should need to protect them! Time is less important, there’s no need to dash around, I don’t have to be home for anyone as my daughter is independent enough to cope on her own (until she needs a quick cash injection that is).

And I still have my awesome friends, the best thing about them is that they carry on as if nothing has changed, which for them is true. My circumstances have changed, I have not.

Being single is no big deal for me, if another lady comes along, then that’s fine; if she’s the right one. I see many fine ladies on my day job as a postman, but immediately think ‘nah, not for me.’ The less drama the better, I’m happy at the moment just being me, I don’t care what people say and their opinion isn’t needed to make me who I am.

So this may be a permanent situation, or it may just be an interregnum. Only time will tell, and anyway, I’ve got more time to write now.

On that note, my latest book ‘Do Not Disturb’ takes a little twist on history, a tomb is discovered on a Derbyshire farm that belongs to an ancient king from a far off land. Those that discover it pay the ultimate sacrifice to the disturbed monarch by becoming his tomb guardians. I do enjoy writing my stories; I do hope that you, the reader enjoy them too.

Cheers, Dave

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