I love being an author…

I have decided I love being an author, it is one of the rare ways that your thoughts and ideas come alive. It’s thrilling to think that someone on the other side of the planet may be getting enjoyment through reading something that I have put together and committed to a publishing media.

It can also be a release from the daily grind of life. Saying that though, I don’t have the worlds hardest job; I’m a postman. But sometimes I’ve been through some hard experiences and you find out who your real friends are when trouble comes galloping over the horizon. The popular country singer Johnny Cash once said in a song ‘don’t take everybody for a friend.’ I’ve learned that the hard way! It isn’t easy when people don’t want to know you anymore and they haven’t got the guts to say why.

But enough of that! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (where have I heard that lately?). Life is for living, the nights are drawing out and the first signs of Spring are upon us – and it’s nearly barbecue season!

I’m waiting for the first thunderstorm of the year. I love the raw power of the lightning as it forks out of the sky, followed of course by the volume of sound that greets our ears seconds later as the speed of sound catches up with the speed of light and we hear the noise that we call thunder. I used to scurry under my mum’s chair when I was a lad, in fear – thankfully I grew up to appreciate it!

I hope readers enjoy my second book ‘Forerunners’ – another science fiction work and the prequel to ‘Migration’. Look out for more books coming soon.

To all those who want to write but haven’t yet started, I’d say go for it! It doesn’t have to all be done in one day, take your time, ponder the storyline, add background, re-read what you’ve already written to inspire you to write more and above all, enjoy!

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