New book on its way!

Hello to all you wonderful people who wander on to my web page! Well, the year is going on at a fair old pace, I’ve just had my fiftieth birthday, my first barbecue and my first good thunder storm of the year and it was a corker! Loads of lightning forking out of a really dark sky and giving a marvellous display, watched from our front door. My wife was ok with it until it got too close and too fierce. We even had a Tornado in Lincolnshire!

 My son has just left school and is looking forward to going to college in autumn, something that I never did, so I wish him well. Both my kids have done something else that I’ve never done, they’ve both been abroad. The farthest place I’ve managed is the Isle of Wight! My Son went toBarcelona, Spain on a school trip and my Daughter went to Normandy, France on a school trip.

 I’ve never been abroad, but I’ve been on the broads! That’s good enough for me, there’s nothing like a slow cruise down a river to help you relax, watching the watery world go by. And Norfolk is a lovely part of our country; I’d recommend it to any one.

 I like barbecues too, especially the ones with a few close friends and a drink or two, it’s not really important what everyone eats or drinks; it’s the company you keep that makes the occasion. Our barbecues tend to go on a bit but it’s interesting to note that no-one ever runs out of things to say. We have a laugh or two; someone might talk about an incident or rumour that is doing the rounds. One of us may do something daft that gives the rest of the assembled company a light hearted moment. Someone may have a problem that they need to share and feel at ease to do so; the collective wisdom can be astounding at times. My son and daughter have some friends round on these occasions and they also keep us entertained. The main outcome is that everyone has a good time and we feel refreshed by the experience, so that must be a good thing.

 What I’m trying to say is, if you are invited to a soiree of any sort, don’t put it off until another time, it might be just the pick-me-up you need.

 Reaching the grand old age of fifty didn’t hurt a bit! I still seem to have the mind of a ten year old sometimes. My wife dreads going into shops with me, she doesn’t know what opportunity will present itself for me to embarrass her!

 I am releasing a new book shortly, called ‘Kathleen’. A man is thrust back in time and comes face to face with 1940’s Britain. He meets a woman who will have a profound effect on him when he finally returns back to his own time. Which takes a while, and he has some experiences that he shouldn’t have because they took place before he was born.

 Thanks to all who have read my books so far, I sincerely hope you have enjoyed them.

 Best regards. Dave


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