Red Mass – my new novel

Humanity was in danger from two sources, one visible with a telescope, the other as yet unknown…

The one in the telescope was an asteroid from deep space, a left over chunk of debris from a cataclysmic, world destroying event in an alien star system. It was hurtling towards its destruction at unimaginable speed. It was heading towards the Earth.

The other was a result of man’s greed and disregard for life that would bring the whole earth to its knees. Man had been dumping waste matter in the sea for centuries, it was only recently that the nations of the world had cut back drastically on waste and encouraged ever greater efforts to recycle as much as possible; even so, some would go to greater lengths to dispose of something they didn’t want others to know about…

What had been thrown into the sea? Nobody knew and the ones who had been guilty of the action were now dead. The rest of the world didn’t have a clue that there was a problem in the oceans, until it was already too late.

Until all kinds of creatures that had been relegated to myth and legend began appearing on the world’s beaches.

What about the asteroid that everyone had forgotten about when the water supply began to go awry? What difference would it make anyway? Would it be the harbinger of death, or the herald of a new life? Only time would tell.

How many would survive? How many would perish? Either way; when and if mankind came through the storm ahead, life would never be the same again…

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