Welcome to my web page

Hello and welcome to my web page!

This is the start of a long and happy relationship with eBooks and my first attempt at science fiction. As the title ‘Migration’ implies, the human race is invited to leave earth, which is in meltdown ecologically and mankind is desperately looking for a way out. With animal species dying off and food becoming harder to cultivate and grow, natural disasters becoming more and more commonplace, any solution is at least considered after a huge epidemic is released from the northern hemisphere permafrost as the global temperature rises.

Then salvation comes from the most unlikely place, the cosmos! A signal is received that says mankind is not alone! Humanity is saved! The signal reveals plans to build ships to take us to the stars! We can migrate and start again! But at what price?

 The story was inspired by the stories that abound of man versus alien. Mankind always seem to get it together just in time to avert disaster; but there may be one time when we realise that all of mankind’s efforts won’t do us any good!

 I hope you like this story, I enjoyed writing it, if you don’t like it, tell me, if you do like it, tell your friends!

 Many thanks,  

David York


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